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Institute of Nursing Science

For the Institute of Nursing Science, which was founded in 2005, nursing as well as health care & health promotion is an overall societal responsibility which needs to be scientifically researched and further developed in close cooperation with other disciplines.

Orientation towards nursing practice

A clear orientation towards nursing practice and the perspective of people in need of care and their relatives characterize the Institute’s activities. 

Training of scientifically qualified personnel

By training scientifically qualified personnel in the health and care sector, the Institute of Nursing Science furthermore contributes to ensuring that evidence-based nursing science finds a way into nursing practice and "evidence based nursing" becomes the new standard in nursing. Until now, a lot of nursing tasks are solely based on experience, therefore it is essential that the knowledge and findings of nursing science are not an academic end-in-itself, but will be increasingly adopted into practice in the future. Thus, the Tyrolean Private University UMIT offers multifarious and practice-oriented training opportunities.

Transfer of knowledge and feedback

In order to prevent that science stays mere academic self-fulfillment in an ivory tower, in addition to the actual knowledge transfer, the feedback of graduates and carers is essential for the further development of the study plans in an action- and system-oriented manner and for moving the requirements of daily nursing into the center of the academic activities.