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Nursing and Aging - A Responsibility of Society as a Whole

At the Department of Nursing Science & Gerontology, nursing and age are considered a responsibility of society as a whole which must be proceeded with in an interdisciplinary and holistic manner. A clear orientation towards the requirements of nursing practice and towards the needs of the people and society characterize the methods and the prioritization of the individual research areas.

Thus, through interdisciplinary collaboration within the university and beyond its walls, the Department of Nursing Science & Gerontology addresses the following topics within the scope of research, development and teaching:

  • People in Old Age (housing, life and autonomy in old age, care dependency; aging in cultural, social and economic contexts; effects of the demographic development…)
  • Nursing Interventions and Quality of Care (e.g. assessment instruments; effectiveness and efficiency; nursing-related pain and symptom management; user perspectives and patient preferences; decision making...)
  • Training & Professionalization in Nursing (development of new skills profiles; development of new study programs; ...)
  • Innovative Care Concepts (e.g. palliative care and hospice movement; care forms for patients with dementia; health promotion – preventive home visit; case and care management; ...)